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    Kaspersky Lab: Driving Ferrari's True Cybersecurity

    When you’re one of the world’s most iconic brands, driven by the most successful team in Formula 1 history and people’s safety depends on the accuracy and availability of your data, you can’t afford to take risks. That’s why Ferrari trusts Kaspersky Lab to take care of its cybersecurity.
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  • Kaspersky Lab: Driving Ferrari's True Cybersecurity

    Ferrari chose to deepen its partnership with Kaspersky Lab. They need a security partner that doesn’t just keep pace with the latest threats, but stays ahead of them – while anticipating the vulnerability profile of the most innovative digital technologies.
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    在比赛当日,每一秒对 Envision Virgin Racing 车队的赛道工程师都至关重要。IT 方面的任何差池都可能对车队造成致命的损失。卡巴斯基实验室享誉全球的网络安全技术和系统运用其快速扩展的 IT 基础设施保护 Envision Virgin Racing 车队的设备,凭借丰富的赛车经验协助车队赢得国际汽车联合会电动方程式锦标赛。
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    Kaspersky Security Network: Big Data-powered Security

    In the never-ending cyber arms race, a true cybersecurity solution is capable of instant, effective response to new malware while striving to anticipate cybercriminals’ next moves. A key component of that capability is the use of cloud technologies that apply distributed data mining and Data Science technologies to threat information processing.
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    Protection Secures Future for Fashion Brand

    Collezione has a strong online presence and has invested in new technology to ensure a fast and satisfying digital experience for its customers. Although the company had protection for its systems already in place, it was having difficulties monitoring and managing the performance of its dispersed assets.
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    Shared Philosophy Pays Long Term Dividends

    SSD Technology Partners of Delaware understands precisely what its customers are looking for from an IT managed service provider. The company has built enduring partnerships with a rich portfolio of organizations in diverse sectors, by delivering great IT solutions that free customers to focus on what they do best.
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    Tackling Cyber Security to Build a Global Energy Business

    The oil refining business is focused on the manufacture of high-quality products, in high-tech, efficient and environmentally friendly facilities. Incidents caused by cyber attacks aimed at automated command and control systems can directly affect safe production.
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    Adrea Embraces Security And Unity

    A key player in health insurance, pension planning, savings and retirement, Adrea chose Kaspersky's endpoint security solution and enhanced it with mobile device management (MDM) functionality in order to protect its mobile devices.
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    KUHN Opts For Performance On Security

    KUHN, the agricultural machinery manufacturer, faced the daunting challenge of deploying efficient and effective antivirus software on their servers and 2,600 computers in less than 2 months. Making things even more complicated was the fact that KUHN Group’s computing equipment is located not only in Saverne in Alsace, France, but also at nine production sites in the United States, Brazil and the Netherlands.
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    Carglass to Stay Focused On Its Customers

    Carglass is now France's leading specialist vehicle glass repair and replacement business, assisting more than one million customers every year. It is vital that the huge amount of corporate and personal data held by Carglass is kept safe and secure. The trust of their customers and the company’s hard-earned reputation depend upon Carglass meeting this.
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