Kaspersky Mobile Security

The volume and sophistication of cyberthreats specifically targeting mobile devices has grown exponentially, as cybercriminals recognize both the value of the corporate data held and the device's potential as a conduit deep into your network – with catastrophic long-term damage to your finances and reputation.

Kaspersky Security for Mobile protects and controls corporate data on mobile devices and secures the devices themselves, covering all major platforms in a single enterprise solution.

What We Offer

Multi-layered real-time mobile device protection delivered by advanced, proactive and cloud-assisted technologies. Unauthorized access to corporate data is prevented and remote administration enabled in the event of loss or theft.

  • Advanced Protection for Mobile Devices

    Advanced Protection for Mobile Devices

    Kaspersky Mobile Security combines anti-malware with cloud-assisted threat intelligence and machine learning to guard against advanced mobile threats

  • Web Control, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spam

    Web Control, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spam

    Powerful web control, anti-phishing and anti-spam technologies protect the device and its data from phishing attacks, and help filter out unwanted websites, calls and texts.

  • Mobile Device and Application Management

    Mobile Device and Application Management

    View data on devices, create and manage policies, send commands to devices and run reports – all from one easy-to-manage, central console.

In Use

A Standard Entry Point Into Your Network

Cybercriminals use many methods to gain unauthorized access to mobile devices, including infected applications, public Wi-Fi networks with low security levels, phishing attacks and infected text messages. When a user inadvertently visits a malicious website - or a legitimate but infected site - the security of their device and the data stored there is at risk. Even charging your iPhone by connecting it to a Mac can result in malicious threats passing from phone to computer, and vice versa.

Multi-layered Protection From a Unified Security Solution

Kaspersky Mobile Security provides multi-layered protection against the latest mobile threats together with a wide range of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) functions for Android, iOS and Windows phones, significantly reducing the time needed to maintain the devices and provide secure access to corporate systems. A whole host of anti-theft features can be operated remotely, while integration with all major platforms allows device control and OTA scanning.

Mobile Devices Management From a Single Point

All smartphones and tablets carrying corporate data can be managed and protected together centrally, alongside their traditional endpoint counterparts, as part of one integrated security platform. This gives greater visibility of corporate assets, along with the ability to apply consistent policies across the board. Management and maintenance tasks become faster and more efficient, freeing up your IT administrators to focus on other aspects of the business. 

Control Applications on Mobile Devices

Business and personal data can be separated on the same device by 'wrapping' applications into containers. Business data stored in protected containers can then be encrypted, password protected and further secured against malware. You can selectively wipe containerized data when an employee leaves, without impacting personal data - critical for BYOD users. You can also enforce authorization for container access - and require additional authorization following a specified period of inactivity.

Centralized Mobile Security Solution Management

Kaspersky Security for Mobile allows you to manage your Android, iPhone and Windows Phone mobile devices, together with all your fixed and even virtual endpoints, from the same single management console - Kaspersky Security Center Vvew data on devices, create and manage policies, send commands to devices and run reports, all from one easy-to-manage, central point - with no need for a separate mobile device management tool.

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